Academy Profile

iStock_000011618854SmallPowerGolf Hawaii is structured to do cover the Development of your Golf Swing together with Custom Building Golf Clubs that fits you precisely.

Allan Ano club building equipment includes a golf shaft removing machine, a loft-lie machine for both right & left hand clubs from Mitchell Golf the leading Golf Equipment Company.  At PowerGolf Hawaii Allan custom builds Miura, KZG & Wishon golf components.  Also we have an inventory of 400 golf shafts.  Our invenntory includes Aerotech, Accra, Fujikura, KBS,


PowerGolf Hawaii offers a comprehensive array of talent, services and equipment to assist you in achieving your golfing goals. Whether you need to improve your yardage, accuracy, short game or putting, one of our Hawaii-based golf professionals is fully qualified to meet your need.

PowerGolf Hawaii’s staff is focused on providing the highest level of service to our clients. Our goal is give you the know-how and tools to significantly improve your on-course performance. We pride ourselves on being good listeners and on tailoring our instruction to each client’s specific goals, talents and physical capabilities.

PowerGolf Hawaii’s instructors are known for their positive teaching style. We use a combination of attention to detail, clear communication, motivation and humor to bring out the best in each of our students. PowerGolf Hawaii’s staff purposely avoids a “drill instructor” type approach.

Allan is also a factory-certified expert in equipment selection, custom fitting, maintenance and repair. He has performed these services for both amateur golfers as well as touring professionals at the Hawaiian and Sony Open tournaments. He is now doing so for PowerGolf Hawaii’s clients.