Message From Allan

Aloha golfers!  I am currently the principal Golf Professional that operates the Pali Golf Shop.  We are a full service golf shop, ranging from golf balls, clubs, bags and many other golf related accessories for all your golfing needs.  I also offer "custom" club fittling, building, & ball flight analysis after a build to insure Maximum Performance, regardless of your current golfing abilities.  With over 3,000 golf shafts in our inventory, I am confident we will be able to meet your custom club building needs.  If we don't have the specific golf equipment you are looking for, we will make every effort to get it in for you.


TEACHING  Allan Ano is the only Authorized Golfing Macine Instructor in Hawaii.'   Allan's instructions is in using The Golfing Machine System of Instruction as tools to build your own golf swing that fits you.  The Foundation of building your swing with The Golf Machine is in the following: 3 Essentials, 3 Imperatives, 3 Controlling Functions. 4 Pressure Points, 4 Wrist Position/Functions, 4 Accumulications of Power. 10 Positions of the Golf Swing.  Homer Kelly the author of "The Golf Machine" has been studied by all the best teachers.  Also "The Golfing Machine" is the only system that has instructiors worldwide.  In closing "The Golfing Machine" as Allan teaches it in his presentation is based on the individuals ability to develop the tools to build his swing at his pace & rate of development.


CUSTOM CLUB BUILDING  There are two elements in club building.  First is the clubhead & second is the shaft.  In both elements there is a lot of engineering, technoloy & R&D that goes into each production.  When assembling clubhead to shaft these specs need to be precisionly matched through spinning, gram weight & point of thickness to tip.  Two things of importance in custom club building is Kick Point & Gram Weight.  Kick Point is relevant to Shaft Flex, Shaft Diameter & Walll Thickness.  Gram Weight has a ratio relationship to Flex.  Usually the lighter the gram weight the softer the flex & the easier to load the shaft.  The heavier the shat the more the shaft will be stiffer.  The stiffer the shaft the more effort it will take for the golfer to load the shaft.  If the shaft can not be loaded, then there is no transfer of energy to the ball.




Allan G. Ano

37 Years PGA Professional at Waialae CC

Hawaiian Open & Sony Open Cadddie Chairman

PGA Life Member Elected in 1980
Golf Professional Pali Golf Course
Teaching Professional at Ko'olau Golf Course
Golf Coach Lejardin Academy
Caddie Chairman LPGA Lotte Championship
Custom Club Fitter Miura  KZG Wishon
Fitter  Accra  Aerotech  KBS  True Temper
Authorized Golf Machine Instructior