Frequently Asked Questions



Should I Sign Up For Individual Or Group Instruction?

Each option has its own particular benefits. With individual instruction, you will of course receive the uninterrupted attention of our instructor. In addition, the lesson can be more specifically focused on your special needs whether it be swing control, swing setup, putting, etc. Those choosing individual instruction are typically seeking golf fundamentals that they can always refer to for a quick fix by themselves. Individual lessons are also frequently tailored for those golfers that are more committed and looking for long range, consistent improvement.

On the other hand, if price is a factor, with group instruction you will have the opportunity to learn key components of the golf game at a lower per lesson cost. Those choosing group lessons are frequently individuals wishing to determine if golf is a sport they would like to continue in the long run. Also in group lessons, individuals frequently create a buddy system in which they can continue in groups among themselves.

At PowerGolf, you can tailor your instruction program to your specific situation. For example, some novice golfers prefer to learn initially in a group instruction setting and then move on to individual instruction to further fine-tune their game. Whether you choose individual or group instruction, the fundamentals will be the same and your training will be structured in a progression timed to the student.


What Are The Extra Benefits I Will Gain With The ModelGolf Swing Analysis System?

ModelGolf is a teaching system based on 10 key positions of the golf swing. ModelGolf analyzes every shot in golf – driver, fairway, irons, pitching, chipping and putting. To utilize this system, an annual member fee is charged. This fee is $75 for adults and $50 for juniors and it is included in PowerGolf Hawaii’s cost when you sign up for an initial lesson including ModelGolf.

ModelGolf’s most direct benefit is that you will have an opportunity to directly compare your individual golf swing at each of these10 critical points to the “ideal” model. To start the process, your swing will be videotaped. Your PowerGolf Hawaii instructor will then use stop-action shots to show you a comparison of your position at each of these 10 points versus the “optimal” swing. Where your position deviates from the norm, our instructor will educate you in how to best correct your swing. Your improved swing will then again be recorded to show you the corrections and adjustments you have made versus your original swing.

Equally important, you will be able to access your specific video on the Internet for future viewing, study and swing improvement. Your video will be accessible on the computer at any time.

ModelGolf System has another great feature. Once you have taken your first lesson from an authorized ModelGolf instructor, you can consult anyone for future swing improvements. For example, your father, coach or another professional will be able to view your video on the internet and help you make any needed adjustments.


Can I Request A Specific Instructor?

Absolutely. Students relate to different instructors like in any other relationship.
While each of our instructors is equally qualified, we fully realize that the personal bond between the student and teacher is very important. With this in mind, you can select the instructor with whom you feel most comfortable. In addition, by having the same instructor for repeated lessons, you can be assured that the instructor has a sound understanding of your individual golf game strengths and needs plus that there will be strong continuity in your teaching program.


For Private Lessons, How Many Hours Do You Recommend?

In order to gain the optimal benefit from private golf instruction, a minimum of 6 lessons is recommended. This timeframe will provide sufficient time for our instructor to: a) assess your specific skills and needs; b) clearly understand the goals you wish to achieve; c) map out an individualized training program; d) school you in the fundamentals as needed; and e) work with you on a repeated basis to fully incorporate these fundamentals into your game. Of course, the value provided within private lessons is ongoing . By periodically reviewing the fundamentals learned, the student can ensure his golf game remains on-track or do a self-fix if necessary.


What Specific Areas Of The Golf Game Do You Focus On In A Private Lesson?

At PowerGolf Hawaii, we do not use a “one size fits all” teaching approach. Consequently, the lesson will be tailored to your specific skill level and particular needs for improvement. In general, our initial focus will be on golf fundamentals, club analysis, ball flight, trajectory and equipment analysis. Each of these factors are inter-related parts that fuel the golf swing.

In terms of further fine-tuning your golf game, we will also cover Driving, Iron Play, Chipping, Wedge Play and Putting. Of these, Driving is most important with Wedge Play second and Putting third.


Are Playing Lessons Offered?

Yes. PowerGolf Hawaii actually offers 4 different levels of playing lessons:

Level 1 Your instructor will teach you in a 3 hole playing lesson which will always be preceded by one lesson on the driving range.

Level 2 You will taken on the course to improve the weakest part of your game, whether it be your tee shot, irons, wedge or putter.

Level 3 You will be educated on the specific playability of each club: the driver @ 260 yards; 3 wood @ 235 yards; 5 iron @ 170 yards; wedge @ 120 yards, etc. Based on this instruction, you will then be able to navigate the golf course without under-clubbing or overshooting the greens.

Level 4 You will learn how to further optimize your scoring through a combination of physical fitness and mental control. This is the never-ending story of scoring. Focus will be on eliminating distractions, controlling emotions, achieving physical fitness/wellness and the grey-matter of the mental game.


Do You Provide Instruction To True Beginners?

Absolutely. PowerGolf Hawaii offers both individual and group lessons to true beginners. Our staff is equally adept at teaching novice men or women, right or left-hand golfers as well as disabled golfers.

With true beginners, of course, there is an even greater emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of golf and its rules. It’s important to keep in mind that golf fundamentals are the same for all skill levels. PowerGolf Hawaii’s instructors fully appreciate that these fundamentals are all new and foreign to the beginner. Our seasoned golf professionals help the beginner overcome this barrier by both providing specific, clearly understandable instructions and by showing the novice golfer how to transform this learning into motion. PowerGolf Hawaii’s instructors also understand that for most beginners the goal is to achieve sufficient skill to enjoy the game rather than attaining absolute perfection.


What If I Don’t Have Golf Clubs?

Its not a problem. With PowerGolf Hawaii’s teaching program, you will be supplied golf clubs from our on-site inventory. This equipment will be provided at no additional cost.


What Take-Home Materials Will I Receive As Part Of My Instruction?

In order to reinforce your golf learning, PowerGolf Hawaii provides you with written materials highlighting the key points you need to keep in mind. These materials allow you to avoid wasting time taking notes at your lesson and to review and reinforce what you have learned later. In addition, you will receive follow-up instructional materials via PowerGolf Hawaii emails. With our combined verbal and written communication approach, you need not worry about forgetting some critical point once you leave our instruction center.


Will The Training Staff Totally Reconstruct My Golf Swing?

You can be assured that PowerGolf Hawaii does not utilize “a single swing system to fit all” approach. The reason is simple – all body types are not the same, students learn at different rates and some students relate better to visual instruction while others respond better to audio instruction.

PowerGolf Hawaii’s teaching approach will be to modify your swing only to the degree necessary to meet your desired level of improvement. Our staff will initially assess your current golf swing relative to the ideal and identify how it can be potentially fine-tuned. Then this fine-tuning will be implemented to a minor or more significant degree based upon your need and specific improvement request.


How Old Does The Student Have To Be To Receive Instruction As A Junior?

Seven years of age is the common starting point for golf instruction. However some talented juniors may start as young as five years old.


Do You Still Hold A Lesson If There Is Inclement Weather?

At PowerGolf Hawaii, we are fortunate to have both an outdoor driving range instructional area plus an on-site interior teaching studio. Consequently, we can proceed with your instruction in good or bad weather.


Do You Offer Gift Certificates?

Yes. Gift Certificates are available at PowerGolf Hawaii in amounts of $50, $100 and $150. These certificates can be used to purchase Golf Lessons, Golf Equipment, Club Repair Services and Custom Fitting Services.Click Here to Gift Certificate section