Custom Club Fitting 

At PowerGolf Hawaii we Custom Build every club or clubs or set of clubs with 2 main elements.  The Elements are Clubshaft & Clubhead.  After a customer is fitted for a single or more then 1 club to a set of irons, if the customer is not pleased with the "Performance" we will redo the club, clubs or set of irons at  "NO COST TO THE CUSTOMER".  

At PowerGolf Hawaii we have over 2,000 or mor golf shafts.  Every shaft is profiled in it's raw state before installation for - gram weight, CPM shaft strenth. shaft thickness to the tip, Swing Weight,  Moment Of Interia & Flat Line Oscilllation Alignment to the Sweet Spot. Here is a description of each element.  Gram Weight must be in ratio to a person's Swing Strength/Speed to Load The Shaft.  CPM Frequency measurement is a determing factor for Shaft Flex.  Shaft Thickness is measured from the tip upward to a position on the Shaft by a .435 calibrated ring to determine Kick Point of the Shaft. Swing Weight is not a measurement of weight but it is a feel of Clubhead Feel according to Shaft gram weight & length. Lastly - the Moment Of Interia is a measurement of the golfer's ability in his effort to Load the Shaft.  If a golfer can not Load a Shaft then there is No Transfer Of Enerty To The Ball. 

The Shaft & Clubhead both have been pricisely manufactured through technology, engineering & testing.  These two components must be assembled precisely to reach it's optimum of performance.

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Authorized Mitchell Golf Equipment Club Fitter

Our Fitting Process

PowerGolf Hawaii’s staff Professional will analyze your swing, ball flight and golf game in a single, one-on-one fitting session. For this purpose, we utilize several diagnostic tools developed by state-of-the art golf measurement technologists: Accusport, Zelocity & Zenolink.

Based upon the information gathered, we then use Swinglabs diagnostic software system to identify the optimal club specifications that best fit each individual golfer. Our comprehensive process involves analyzing the following key elements:

PowerGolf Hawaii 
“Power Up Your Game” Club Fitting Analysis

Your Club Length

Critical for consistently hitting the “sweet spot”; Toe-hits result from too short clubs; Heel-hits result from too long clubs

Your Lie Angle

Biggest determinant of ball flight accuracy

Your Loft Angle

Impacts how high & how far the ball will go

Your Shaft Type

Graphite, Steel or Titanium

Your Shaft Flex

Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff, Ladies, Senior

Your Offset

Affects slicing control & how easily the ball becomes airborne

Your Grip Size

For optimal feel, distance & control.

Your Grip Type

Rubber, Full-Cord, Half-Cord


Should you be interested in actually trying a variety of different golf clubs, PowerGolf Hawaii has a wide selection of demo equipment on hand with a broad array of specifications for you to swing. Through this process and with the guidance of our Professional, you can best determine what works best for you.