Golf Instructions to Fit Your Level of Play

iStock_000013106686SmallYour choice of golf instruction school as well as your specific instructor can easily make the difference between success and failure. There are multiple issues to consider including the qualifications of the staff, the quality of the instruction provided and the personal chemistry between you and the teaching professional. You should select your school and instructor with the same care you devote to choosing your golf equipment. Key considerations to keep in mind in making your selection include:

Staff Credentials

What is the staff’s PGA certification, number of years teaching, track record of achievements, equipment factory-training & certification?

Does the personality, communication style and patience level of the prospective instructor match up well with you?


What do past students and professionals in the area say about the school and its staff?

Customized Learning

What is included in the school’s teaching agenda and to what degree is the instruction specifically tailored to the student’s physical ability, skill level and specific goals?

Teaching Methods Employed

What is the relative importance given to hands-on versus technology-based training?

How much time is spent on the practice range and on the golf course?

Value Provided For The Cost

What services and materials are provided versus the cost charged?

What is included in the various training packages (e.g., one-on-one instruction, computerized swing analysis, personalized video, etc.)?

Training Facilities Available

What kind of training and playing facilities does the school offer? 

What high-technology teaching aids are available to further enhance your game?