Individual Golf Lessons

PowerGolf Hawaii’s lessons are based on the ModelGolf's Swing Like a ProHomer Kelly's The Golf Machine and Hogan's Five Lessons. The information in these books covers all that is needed to develop any player.
ModelGolf's Swing Like a Pro will instantly improve any golfers position from a beginner to professional.  The Pro Model of ModelGolf is an overlayed on the golfer being videoed.  As the Pro Model moves, the golfer must match the Pro Model position of his club and body.  It is like having a Road Map to find a location.
Homer Kelly's The Golf Machine is a complete breakdown of all that is pertinent to the Golf Swing.  Example are Controling the Clubface, Clubhead and Club Shaft.  The Golfing Machine is a manual that the Instructor constantly uses and refers to in improving his students.
Hogan's Five Lessons covers his conquest of building the most repeating golf swing the performed at the highest level of competition under tournament pressure conditions.  His descriptive phases, choices of vocabulary and the endless hours of sef-improvemnet is by far The Bible in Golf.
1 1/2 Hour ModelGolf Lesson @ $125 is the bases that is used.