Custom Club Fitting 

It’s an accepted and proven fact that 9 out of every 10 golfers are playing with clubs that are less than optimally fitted to their specific needs. As you would expect, each golfer’s particular club requirements varies due to their distinct age, physique, strength, flexibility and clubhead speed.

In order to achieve the best results, your clubs should be tailored to your specifications as well as to your swing and its unique dynamics. Your golf swing and body dynamics are the engine that move the clubhead through the ball.

Fortunately, PowerGolf Hawaii can assist you in quickly determining your ideal club specifications with our highly specialized equipment and proven “in-motion” club fitting analysis. PowerGolf Hawaii has a PGA Professional on staff with more than 35 years of club fitting experience. By custom fitting either your existing or new clubs, you’ll immediately benefit by adding both accuracy and distance to your shots.

Authorized Mitchell Golf Equipment Club Fitter

Our Fitting Process

PowerGolf Hawaii’s staff Professional will analyze your swing, ball flight and golf game in a single, one-on-one fitting session. For this purpose, we utilize several diagnostic tools developed by state-of-the art golf measurement technologists: Accusport, Zelocity & Zenolink.

Based upon the information gathered, we then use Swinglabs diagnostic software system to identify the optimal club specifications that best fit each individual golfer. Our comprehensive process involves analyzing the following key elements:

PowerGolf Hawaii 
“Power Up Your Game” Club Fitting Analysis

Your Club Length

Critical for consistently hitting the “sweet spot”; Toe-hits result from too short clubs; Heel-hits result from too long clubs

Your Lie Angle

Biggest determinant of ball flight accuracy

Your Loft Angle

Impacts how high & how far the ball will go

Your Shaft Type

Graphite, Steel or Titanium

Your Shaft Flex

Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff, Ladies, Senior

Your Offset

Affects slicing control & how easily the ball becomes airborne

Your Grip Size

For optimal feel, distance & control.

Your Grip Type

Rubber, Full-Cord, Half-Cord


Should you be interested in actually trying a variety of different golf clubs, PowerGolf Hawaii has a wide selection of demo equipment on hand with a broad array of specifications for you to swing. Through this process and with the guidance of our Professional, you can best determine what works best for you.