The Game of Golf

There are 3 Essential Parts to the Game of Golf.  First is The Golfer then Second is his Equipment & Third is the Golf Course.  With the Golfer being first there needs to be an assetment of his/her Signaure Athletic Move/Motion along with Body Stats.  Equipment is the most misunderstood area in Playing The Game. The reasons are that advertising of OEMs & a Friend's opinion of what a Player should be using.leads to confusion.  Locate a PGA Professional or call Allan Ano at Pali Pro Shop 282-4860 for a PGA Professional nearest you.   .

  • Golf Lessons are givien at Ko'olau Golf Course
  • Lessons cover Full Swing, Short Game, Putting, Course Navigation & Course Shot Making
  • Equipment Fitting at Pali Golf Course.  We have over 3,000 golf shaft plus components to build clubs on site while you wait.
  • Pali Golf Shop is Your One Stop Shop.  Specializiing in: Left-Hand Clubs, Ladies Clubs, & Junior Clubs all custom fitted.



The Golfing Machine is a Book thart breaks down the Golf Swing into Individual Sections where an Authorized Instructior can Precisely Build Your Personal Golf Swing.

My approsch in teaching is based 10 Position of the Golf Swing using "The Golfing Machine" to fit a golfer's Posture, Height, Arm Length, Rhythm/Pace   We do not fit you to a Model Swing  but with "The Golf Machine" system we use the Essentials, Imperatives, Control Functions, Pressure Points, Wrist Fuctions & more functions to use them as tools to build your Golf Swing that fits you.  Every infividual has a "Signature Athletic Move/Motion" & peice by peice we build Your Golf Swing that will be you Life Time Golf Swing.  Below is just a few of the elements that are important in Insttructions ot "The Golfing Machine"   

  • The 4 Pressure Points & how to use them
  • The 3 Controlling Functions
  • The 4 Accumulations of Power
  • The Power Package & How it functions in the Golf Swing
  • How to use The 4 Wrist/Positions in the Golf Swing, Short Game & Shot Making



Clubfitting with Precision & Performance


PowerGolf Hawaii which operates at Pali Golf Pro Shop has over 3,000 golf shafts. Also we have Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids & Iron Heads in stock ready to be Custom Built with Precision for Performance.  All custom built clubs from 1 club or more or a set of clubs, you get a warranty of performance which means if you are not satisfied with our built clubs, bring them back & we will redo it until it performs &  at NO COST TO THE CUSTOMER.  Below are the areas of concern with equipment specifications.


  • First is the Golf Shaft.  The Golf Shaft has been referred as the Engine for the Clubhead.  The Body is the Power Plant of Power & the Shaft is the Transmission that transmits the Power to the Clubhead to the Ball at Impact.  Second is Shaft Flex & Gram Weight which are the 2 factors in a Player's Ability in Loading The Shaf with Energy. If a Shaft can not be loaded there will be NO TRANSFER of Energy to the Ball 
  • The Sweet Spot.  The most advertised marketing tool for OEMs.  Engineering wise the "Sweet Spot" is a precise spot on the Clubface.  It is no larger then your finger tip.  The "Sweet Spot" can not be manufactured to be "Bigger"  As advertised by OEMs a bigger sweet spot means that through weight distrubution there is a reduction of a "Twisting Action" of the Clubhed at Impact.  Thus minimizing Shot Dispurtion of Left or Right of your Target.
  • Blade vs Cavity Back.  First of all the "Sweet Spot" casn not be enlarge.  Blade Clubheads are made from Carbon Stee of as soft as 1018 to 1065.  Blades have more weight in back of the "Sweet Spot"   Cast Clubs is mainly made from 17/4 or similar metal ot stain steel in a Lost Wax Process of Casting.  Csst Irons have a Thin section directly behind the "Sweet Spot"  Einstein's Theory of E=MC2 whisch is - Energy = Mass X Speed Swuared.  That is why Pros use Blades because of Mass Directly Behind The Ball at Impact for Maximum Distance.
  • Bounce & Divot Depth.  Bounce for Irons is manufactured in the Grinding Process of the Sole of the Clubhead or the Mold of the Casting for the Clubhead.  Bounce is definned this way - Bounce is a Position at Impact wihere The Leading Edge is Higher at Impat than the Trailing Edge. Divot Depth is also important for is a Golfer takes too much of a Divot he is Lossing Energy & Clubhead Speed in the Dirt.  first step is to corredtly get the Golfer's correct Length from his Left Wrist to the Ground.  Next is Divot Depth.  The more a Player a Divot is Deep the mmore of Clubhead Energy is lost into the Dirt. tmore than normal, you
  • Finally with the Shaft & Club are manufactured with Precision, Technology & Engeering together with endless Testing  If a Club Builder does not have the Knowledge of these Elements then it is a simple case of "Cut & Paste"
  • PowetrGolf Hawaii backs it "Club Building" with a "Warrenty of Performance
  • All custom built clubs come with Free Loft & Lie Adjustments & Free Re-Gripping as long as you Own The Clubs
  • If you break a club or lose a club it is replaced at wholecost
  • At PowerGolf Hawaii service to our Customers is our Top Priority


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We are  a certified Nickluas Golf Equipment specialists and the top 50 Accra Club fitters world wide.