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Allan Ano Custom Builds Clubs along with Building a Golf Swing using "The Golfing Machine"  At PowerGolf Hawaii

  • Authorized Custom Fitter - Wishon Golf Miura Golf KZG Golf
  • Authorized Shaft Fitter For - Fujikura Accra Aerotech KBS True Temper
  • Authorized Golfing Machine Instructor


The Golfing Machine is a Book thart breaks down the Golf Swing into Individual Sections where an Authorized Instructior can Precisely Build Your Personal Golf Swing.

My approsch in teaching is based 10 Position of the Golf Swing using "The Golfing Machine" to fit a golfer's Posture, Height, Arm Length, Rhythm/Pace   We do not fit you to a model but with "The Golf Machine" system we use the Essentials, Imperatives, Control Functions, Pressure Points, Wrist Fuctions & more to use them as tools to build the Golf Swing that fits you.  Every infividual has a "Signature Athletic composite of motion for "A Golf Swing"   As an Instrudtor I have the ability to obseve that motion.    within his/her athletic physiological

  • The 4 Pressure Points & how to use them
  • The 3 Controlling Functions
  • The 4 Accumulations of Power
  • About the Power Package & How it functions in the Golf Swing

All Lessons are given at Ko'olau Golf Course.


Play Shots Like A Pro With Our Short Game Program

The Short Game is where shots are lost or saved. 

  • The 4 Pressure Points & 4 Wrist Position/Functions are the building blocks


  • In The Short Game Using Pressure Point#4
  • As The Pivotal Point For All Shots Around The Green.
  • Learn Left Arm Radius Control. You Stop From Breaking Your Wrist
  • Sculling The Ball Across The Green
  • We Will Adjust Your Lie Angle For A Sliding Impact Instead Of Digging
  • Get The Right Loft For Your Type Of Skill Level
  • Learn The Five Different Ways To Play A Bunker Shot The Key To The Short Game Is Pressure Points.  
  • Learn The Application Of These Pressure Points That Will Simplify Your Short Game.


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